Hi, I’m Katie.

How do you sum yourself up succinctly for those who don’t already know you?  I suppose I would say I’m ‘a thirty-something, mostly London based, lover of food who is  chatty and like to read and cook.’  I also like being in nature and I’m passionate about all things health, wellbeing and minimising waste.  And talking about these things.

This site is a creative outlet for the things that I am passionate about:  food, fitness, travel, caring for yourself, health, wellbeing – all the things I bore my friends and family with on a daily basis. It’s also going to be documenting a new and exciting chapter of my life as I undertake a qualification to become a Nutritional Therapist.  It’ll be part sharing things I love and part holding myself to account.

By way of background, I haven’t always been this health conscious.  Living on my own for the first time at university and the years immediately thereafter my diet and lifestyle weren’t great.  I had no idea about how to feed myself healthily on a budget and combined with a total lack of exercise I was pretty clueless about the kinds of things I should be eating and doing to make my body feel happy.

As you’ll see if you have a look around, things are pretty different now and I’m really passionate about how to make realistic healthy choices in every area of our lives – from eating, to moving and travelling to commuting.  So this is me, sharing the stuff that gets me excited because I believe everyone has the right to feel amazing, regardless of who they are or what they do.

By way of a caveat, I’m by no means a dietician or a chef.  I’m not a doctor nor a personal trainer.  I’m me, talking about what I like doing and hoping that others enjoy the things I’m sharing and what I’m learning throughout my Nutrition studies.

Thanks for allowing me to talk about vegetables.