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A healthy shopping list

One of the most common things I hear from friends, colleagues and family who tell me they struggle with eating healthier is that they don’t know what foods to buy. They are comfortable following a recipe and buying the ingredients required but when it comes to a general food shop for store cupboard staples and a general ‘healthy shop’ they struggle.  So I thought a post on what I would buy from a supermarket and some ideas for healthy meal options from that shopping list might be helpful.

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Money saving

Meal planning 101

This week I’ve had a lot of conversations about meal planning.  I’d love to say it’s off the back of last week’s post about food prep but I think it’s just coincidence.  Although, one of my Instagram posts prompted a request for a meal plan from a family member so who knows?

As with the food prep idea, once I got talking to people about meal planning I realised that not everyone was doing it and the main reasons seem to be either confusion, intimidation or they thought it would take too much work.

Well, worry no more friends.  I am here to show you that just like food prep, meal planning is quick, easy and will make your life infinitely better.  By the time I’ve returned home from a full-on day of work in London unless my meals are planned I don’t have the energy to think about eating something vaguely healthy.  Without a meal plan I would end up eating terribly and spending far too much money.  Or I’d be in the supermarket every night and quite frankly, I have better things to do with my time.  Like Netflix. And wine.

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Money saving

Foods you don’t need to waste money on buying

As you know by now, I’m a stickler for not wasting anything, whether that’s food or money.  Which is why I quickly discovered that especially when you’re on a budget there are some things you really don’t need to spend money on. I’m talking about pestos, sauces, soups and condiments.  The kinds of things that we’ve been told are complicated and too much hassle to make yourself, when in reality the opposite is true.  Most of these things are actually more expensive to buy and usually contain some dodgy ingredients that you’re better off avoiding (sugar in mayonnaise I’m looking at you).

I’m hoping to convince you that by making some simple swaps in your diet you can save a few £££ and also enjoy some quick, healthy versions of your favourite foods.  It’s really not as hard as you might think, or have been told.

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