The following are a list of things I have read, watched, listened to and enjoyed.  I hope you find something interesting and inspiring here.

I’m always open to suggestions of things you’ve loved and would recommend so if there’s something you think is missing off this list then hit me up.


I love a good read and anything that features food, science, nutrition, wellness, feminism or popular science is floating my boat at the moment.

Fat Chance by Dr Robert Lustig

Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman

Sugar, Salt, Fat; How the food giants hooked us by Michael Moss

First Bite: How we Learn to Eat by Bee Wilson

Super Genes by Deepak Chopra and Dr Rudy Tanzi

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz

The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

Any book written by Caitlin Moran

Eat Nourish Glow by Amelia Freer

The Food Medic – Dr Hazel Wallace

Strong – Zanna Van Dijk

That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau

Films/ documentaries

I love a good Netflix binge as much as the rest of you but I also occasionally love to watch food and health programmes, thought provoking documentaries and content that keeps me thinking.

Cooked by Michal Pollan – Netflix

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross – Netflix

Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock – I think this is still available on Netflix

That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau

Fed Up – Netflix


I love podcasts.  I listen to them when I’m commuting, when I’m cleaning, when I’m in the car and generally anytime I can get my headphones on.  I usually have one podcast on the go at any time.  These are my current mixture of health, wellbeing and self improvement shows I’m listening to.  I listen via the iTunes podcasts app on my phone but these are also available on Acast.

The Lively Show by Jess Lively – self development, wellbeing and travel from Chicago native Jess.  Jess is the founder of the Life With Intention Online programme which helps people to live according to their true values.

Life Butter Radio

The Positive Health podcast

BBC Food Programme

The Guilty Feminist

Badass Women’s Hour

Project Love Podcast

The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo

Ted Talks

No Such Things As A Fish

At Home With

Pardon My French

Dear Sugar Radio

The Archers – it’s my thing, let it go.


These websites are the ones I go to when I’m feeling in need of inspiration or just fancy a browse.  Mostly they are a food, health, wellbeing or lifestyle related.

I Quit Sugar

Sarah Wilson – The woman behind the I Quit Sugar phenomenon.  Her site covers more than just quitting sugar.

The Food Medic – Dr Hazel Wallace is a junior doctor and qualified personal trainer with a special interest in nutrition.  She’s basically super woman.

Zanna Van Dijk – A qualified PT and uber fitness influencer.  Zanna gives practical fitness and food advice; plus she’s a total babe.

Caroline Hirons – Skincare expert and fellow tea lover.  Straight talking, no nonsense.  Mess with Lady H at your peril.

Lisa Eldridge – Queen of makeup artists, I’ve loved Lisa’s work for years.

A Model Recommends – Model mummy of two, Ruth’s blogs are honest and hilarious.

Butter Your Life – Website accompanying the fabulous Life Butter Podcast.

The Anna Edit – Beauty and lifestyle blog from influencer Anna Gardner.  There’s always something interesting on her site.  Warm, witty and she’s charming in real life too.

Lily Pebbles – Another beauty and lifestyle blog from Lily Pebbles.  Lily is London based and often partners up with Anna on projects such as their podcast ‘at home with’.

Oh She Glows – Vegan recipes from the lovely Angela Liddon.  She’s a Canadian Mummy of two who creates insane vegan recipes and has two published cookbooks out.

Nutrition Stripped – Registered dietician McKel’s website is a treasure trove of nutrition information and recipes.

Sugar Lumps – Wellness website created by one of my favourite Instgrammers, Sarah. Special mention for her #agame series of posts focusing on wellbeing tools that help us reach our full potential.

Youtube channels

This list is a snapshot of the channels I’m visiting on a regular basis.  I’m mainly using youtube for fitness on days when I want to train but don’t want to leave the house, or I’m travelling.  This changes though so check back in regularly.

Yoga with Adriene – Yoga channel with free workouts, 30 day yoga challenges and general all round yogi loveliness from the serene Adriene.  Great for at home workouts.

The Body Coach TV – Joe Wicks (him of ‘midget trees!’ fame) posts great HIIT workouts, recipes and fitness advice.  Another good one for home workouts.

Zanna Van Dijk – Zanna features a lot on here doesn’t she?  Her channel is a mixture of workouts, travel and regular vlogs.  Always honest and no BS, Zanna keeps it real.

Carly Rowena – Personal trainer and fitness blogger, Carly is a Norwich girl with a passion for fit living.  She posts a mixture of workouts and vlogs which manage to be fun and entertaining.  The kind of girl I’d like to brunch with.

The Lean Machines – Two personal trainers whose energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  Norwich based (Leon is engaged to Carly – above, and Jon is one of the siblings from the uber successful Chapman family) they post accessible workout and fitness videos which can’t fail to get you laughing.


I have so many cookbooks.  More than is decent for any one person to have. I am known to read them like novels whenever I get a new one and although my tastes may have changed over the years I can’t bear to throw any away.  Below are a selection of current curated favourites from my collection.

Anything by Nigella Lawson

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar for Life – Sarah Wilson

Simplicious – Sarah Wilson

Plenty – Yotam Ottalenghi

Made in India – Meera Sodha

Fresh India – Meera Sodha

Anything by Jamie Oliver

Notes from Kitchen Table – Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s all Good – Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s all Easy – Gwyneth Paltrow

Madeleine Shaw – Get the Glow