Five unexpected ways I’m reducing my plastic consumption

Hi everyone, it feels a long time since I blogged over here.  I’ve been busy writing for other people (over here) and on Instagram but I haven’t felt inspired to sit down front my laptop and add anything here for ages. Well, I’m happy to say that has changed. Maybe it’s the new year, or maybe I’ve just had the break away that I needed? Eitherway, it’s nice to be back.

So, how have you been? What’s new with you? Some things for me are very different – like my second year of studying in the bag (say, whaaaat?! Where did the year go?) and others not so much, like my rapidly growing passion *cough* obsession *cough* for reducing how much single use plastic I’m using.

Over the past year I have been slowly switching up into some more sustainable habits and this year I’m determined to keep building on those foundations but go even further if I can. So if you’re already using a reusable cup and don’t go anywhere without your cotton tote bag but feel like you want to do more to reduce your plastic habit, then this is the post for you.

Here are the five unexpected ways I’m reducing my plastic consumption, and there’s not a bad suggestion in the bunch…

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