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New year, new you?

Happy New Year everyone.  As I write this the first week of January is over and all around me everyone is starting to get back into the swing of the 9-5.  I’m easing back in gently (this week being my first full week at work) and I have spent a lot of time since Christmas reflecting on whether to make any new year resolutions (I usually have some goals or good habits I’d like to develop) and if so, what would these look like?

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My ideas on cultivating a healthy relationship with food

Following on from this post I’ve been thinking about food and the complicated relationship that comes with it.  As well as sharing my thoughts with you I thought it might be helpful to share some practical ideas and steps that I used (and still use on a daily basis) to help me develop a positive and holistic relationship with food.

Let me pre-fix this by saying, as with anything, I can’t guarantee that any of these ideas will work for you.  Every body is different and what works for some won’t work for others but if you are interested in making some positive changes and don’t know where to start, maybe try some of these?

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My relationship with food

This is a bit of a contemplative post today based on some recent feedback I’ve had on my eating habits.  Buckle up, this might get deep…

Diet, regime, balance, strategy; there are many ways we can talk about food and how we interact with it.  The term I prefer is relationship; because relationships are two way streets, as I believe your diet should be.  But just like being in a relationship with another person, this can take work.  Ultimately in a relationship both sides should be bringing good stuff to the (metaphorical and sometimes literal) table most of the time.

This post came about after two people in the same week independently commented that I have a healthy relationship with food.  A colleague (after watching me devour a brownie) said to me ‘I love your relationship with food, it’s so healthy and positive’ and another made a comment on an Instagram post I had done about eating out and how I find balance.  Up until this week I genuinely hadn’t thought of myself as having a balanced relationship with food.  Generally I try to stick to the 80/20 rule, eat lots of veggies on a good day, limit my meat and sugar intake and eat organically where possible but I don’t always manage this.  I’m human and sometimes I really want cake.  Or wine.  Or both at the same time.

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