The IQS 8wp weeks 1+2 roundup

Hi everyone,

As promised, today’s post is a wrap up of weeks one and two of the I Quit Sugar 8 week programme.  In my last post here I gave you the low down on the facts and figures of the programme but today I’m giving you the ‘behind the scenes’ details about what I’m eating, how I’m feeling and what’s going on generally as the weeks unfold.

The first thing you’re probably wondering is what have I eaten?  Well, week one is fairly gentle and there are no strict rules about completely cutting out sugar.  You are strongly encouraged to start reducing the sweet stuff (and you have lots of information available on the site and forums to help you become more mindful of where the sugar is coming from in your diet) but it’s not until week two when the sugar ban comes into force.

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The I Quit Sugar Programme – the details

Hi friends,

After enrolling on the I Quit Sugar 8 week programme at the start of the month I wasn’t sure whether I would share a weekly progress update on here (because I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested) but after an overwhelmingly positive response to my posts over on Instagram (here btw, if you don’t follow me already) plus number of people asking me a whole range of questions these past two weeks I thought each week I’d do a little wrap up of how it’s going and give you guys a space to ask me anything you want to know about the Programme.

So, as I’m moving into week three here’s some basic programme information to help you decide whether it’s for you and on Wednesday I’ll do a full run down on weeks one and two.

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My I Quit Sugar story

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have spotted that I am pretty on board with the I Quit Sugar message.  This is a recent-ish turn of events and it wasn’t something I ever thought was an issue with my diet.  In fact, the complete opposite.  I was oblivious to how poor my diet was and lacking in a lot of nutritional value.  Let me explain…

Back in 2014 I was browsing a book shop killing time before a meeting (I was working a second job in retail and would often have to hang about after ‘big’ job to attend staff meetings or training sessions in the evenings after the shop closed.)  One of my favourite past times has always been browsing book shops.  I love them. The choices!  The possibilities! I literally spend hours inside.  I treat them like libraries (much to the annoyance, I’m sure, of the staff)

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Po-ten-cy – product review

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Zoe from PO-TEN-CY and I got to try her amazing range of snacks.

PO-TEN-CY describe themselves as ‘healthy energy snacks & cold pressed juices delivered in London. Innovative plant based catering for photo shoots, press days, team meetings & corporate events.  Each one of our snacks are designed to give you a potent hit of nutrients and taste. Perfect for refuelling post workout, or beating the mid afternoon slump.’

Founded by Zoe in January their product range comprises of snack pots, raw energy balls, brownies, juices & much more. They even do corporate catering. Oh and did I mention that everything is hand made & hand delivered if you happen to live or work in central London. Pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree.

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