The I Quit Sugar Programme is no more

For those of you who have been reading this/ following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been a member of the I Quit Sugar community for the past few years.  Since my first programme in February 2016 I’ve since completed three rounds of the structured 8 week course and undertake my own 8 week programme (using the recipes) whenever I feel like my sugar habit has been spinning out of control.

So it was a sad day when I heard that Sarah Wilson, the founder of the IQS movement, announced that she was closing down the programme and the site.  You can read the full announcement here, to focus on her mental health and food activism work instead.

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Sarah has since announced that although the site will close and the programmes will be no more, Sam Wood will be hosting the free recipes over on his site here and that the paid programme material can also be accessed there too (it’s currently being integrated into Sam’s programme and the money he receives from the paid IQS content is going to charity.  You can read all about it here.)

I couldn’t let the end of the site go without writing something about how I felt and signing posting you to the resources if you’ve ever been curious about the programme but didn’t want to pay the full fee (I’ve also written about this myself here).

It’s a bittersweet feeling for me knowing that there will never be another opportunity to just ‘do another round’ when I’m feeling a bit off centre – meaning I shall have to take responsibility for giving my diet a motivational kick up the arse myself (although for the sake of full transparency that’s going to be re-visiting the old programme menus I’ve saved) and I will forever be grateful for the amazing connections I’ve made through the programme.


To that end, if you don’t already read Rani’s wonderful blog then you should check her out here, Sarah is an ex-UKer living in Aus now and has another great blog here; Angie is a fit mum who is really inspiring and has a no BS approach to food and life, you can find her here ,not to mention the many other lovely others (too many to mention) whose Instagram accounts are worth a nosey if you want your food healthy, low sugar (mostly) but definitely not boring: Mel is a gorgeous crafter and foodie, Rowena is a herbal medicine student who gives me lunchbox envy and Bonni is a UK based fellow foodie fan and all round great lady (she gave me my first SCOBY and has since been responsible for my kombucha obsession.)

They (amongst hundreds of others) have been super supportive throughout my own sugar quitting experiment and so to them and Sarah Wilson (I know she will not read this but I want to put it out there in the universe, just humour me please) I say a huge thank you. Thank you for tearing down the BS ideas I thought I knew about food, health and nutrition back in my ‘low fat’ days, and for being the reason I became so interested in food and health which has now led on to this amazing studying path and subsequent career change.  Sarah will never know how much it has meant to but you guys do and I’m grateful that you keep reading and wanting learn more with me.

So here’s to continuing on what IQS help me start.  See you Sunday.

Katie x


The IQS 8wp week 3 roundup

Hi friends,

How has your week been?  This week has been a busy one work-wise but I’m feeling pretty good as all my food has been taken care of so I’ve not needed to eat junk or rely on pre packaged food to get me through the week – and that feels pretty great (plus my bank balance is looking much healthier than usual towards the end of the month).

So, I’m into week three, there’s still no sugar (including fruit) but I have to confess there have been a couple of times when I’ve deviated off plan and so I think I’m setting myself up for some harder sugar withdrawals next week if I don’t nip it in the bud.  Full disclosure I had a slice of chocolate vegan cake that someone had baked at work and a chocolate eclair because someone was leaving at work and there may have been red wine almost every night this week…

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The IQS 8wp weeks 1+2 roundup

Hi everyone,

As promised, today’s post is a wrap up of weeks one and two of the I Quit Sugar 8 week programme.  In my last post here I gave you the low down on the facts and figures of the programme but today I’m giving you the ‘behind the scenes’ details about what I’m eating, how I’m feeling and what’s going on generally as the weeks unfold.

The first thing you’re probably wondering is what have I eaten?  Well, week one is fairly gentle and there are no strict rules about completely cutting out sugar.  You are strongly encouraged to start reducing the sweet stuff (and you have lots of information available on the site and forums to help you become more mindful of where the sugar is coming from in your diet) but it’s not until week two when the sugar ban comes into force.

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Sweet treats that won’t leave you feeling sour

Hi everyone,

In the final post of my sugar mini-series we are on to the good stuff: the sweet eats.  So far we’ve covered the different types of sugars, how to reduce your intake, how to deal with your cravings and finally (finally!) we’re on to the post you’ve all been waiting for: the desserts.

Now this is not me giving saying it’s ok to go and eat as much sugar as you want, because that’s never going to happen.  Today’s post is a reminder that it is possible to eat sweet things occasionally as long as it’s not all the time and when it’s a mindful choice – not a binge off the back of a sugar craving.

The great thing about these recipes are that they are all low sugar (all mostly low fructose which is even better) and can be knocked up quickly, in batches and kept in the fridge or freezer for when you feel like a treat.

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How to beat sugar cravings

Hi everyone,

Today’s post is the penultimate one in the sugar mini-series I’ve been doing and I’m going to cover what to do when the sugar cravings strike and you don’t know how to stop thinking about chocolate, or cake, or both if you’re like me.

Before we begin if you’ve missed any of the posts in the series then head over here to catch up.

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How sweet is your sugar?

Hi everyone,

Next up in the sugar mini-masterclass we are comparing the various sugars I’ve been discussing over the past few posts (if you’ve missed any you can catch up here because sadly not all sugars are built the same.

They all have varying levels of sweetness and when ranked against one another you can start to see how out of control sugar habits can get when we consume the same volumes of sugars which have different levels of sweetness. Our taste buds become acclimatised and we start to want and crave more and more, which before you know it can get a liiiiiiitle out of control.

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WTF are sugar alcohols?

Hi everyone,

It feels like ages since I blogged but in reality a couple of weeks off from Big Job to study (and take exams) and a trip to Lisbon were just what the doctor ordered.

Now I’m back let’s jump straight back into the world of sugar.  Today I’m turning the focus on a couple of other sugars that you may have heard of – and are starting to get wider use and exposure in the health and wellbeing arena – but aren’t necessary the best alternatives to sugar.

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Sugar masterclass part 2: processed and refined sugars

Hi everyone,

Following on from the first post in my sugar masterclass series last week, this week we are talking about refined sugars i.e. those sugars that are processed (whether naturally occurring or not).  These are the kinds of sugars that have seen a huge rise in popularity recently and you may or may not have heard of all or most of them but I can guarantee you’ve probably eaten most of them (whether knowingly or not).

I’ll do a quick post on sugar alcohols and alternative sweeteners such as Maltodexrose and Aspartame (sound scary but they’re not once you break it down.  They’re just bad for your health) on Wednesday, along with a ‘how sweet are these’ scale to help you gauge an idea of how much sugar we are really eating but for now let’s get started on the most common refined or processed sugars you may encounter on a daily basis.

In alphabetical order, here we go…

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Sugar: a mini series!

Ok people, it’s time to tackle a thorny issue:  Sugar.  I am pretty clued up about the subject and could talk about it for hours (as some of my friends and family can attest to this) but I realise that not everyone is as informed as they could be.  And I understand it’s because the majority of messages out there in the media are confusing, but it’s also because some of you genuinely don’t have the time (or inclination) to undertake the research about sugar, especially when opinions on food seems to flip flop from one week to another.

Luckily for you over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a series of posts with you which will hopefully break down some common misconceptions and beliefs about sugar, arming you with the information you need to make the best choices for you.  Health and diet is a personal choice and I personally believe all about balance. I’m certainly not going to tell you to never eat a cake or a doughnut again but I do think if you’re prepped with the right information about sugar you can consume treats mindfully and carefully.  Let me say it again, there’s always room for cake in life.

In this first post I’m going to give you an overview about the sugar family and in the rest of the series I’ll also be covering topics such as processed sugars, where sugar is found (or more likely hiding) in your food, how to consume it mindfully, how you can cut down, how to cope when you cut down, some resources to help support you and finally some low sugar sweet treats to show you that it’s not all doom and gloom without the white stuff.

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